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NASCAR - Live Broadcast - ESCORS BallRacing All-Star Challenge



Saturday, May 20th 2006, starting at 16.45 PM CET/10.45 AM EST, the ESCORS BallRacing All-Star Challenge will be aired live on the Sim Racing Network from the Lowe's Motor Speedway. 


A full field of drivers will try to win the BallRacing Open and ensure a spot in this non points championship event where it is all ablout glory and hard cash.


The Sim Racing Network is the Network that offers live flag-to-flag broadcast of the race along with color commentary and live scoring.


The Sim Racing Network works hard bringing you the best in online Sim Racing.
These broadcasts are as close to the real thing as you can get. With driver interviews before the race during the "Rackboost Pre-Race Show" and pit road coverage updates during the race.

Comet: Zolder Race reports



The second half of the Comet GT Legends Series (Season S) started at Zolder. 2 races as usual, Sprint one and Grand Prix one, using different eras of classic cars.


This track is located six mile north of Hasselt and 56 kms east of Brussels, Belgium.
Going into the 1950s, local bike racers used the streets of the village of Zolder for racing, starting and finishing outside the local church. This eventually came to an end well before the permanent track was built.


Roland and Joćo were our drivers there, driving the Mustangs and the Corvettes...  

FFRL Trucks - Pocono Race Report



The 6th event of the FFRL Season 8 had an happy end for Pascal Dukers and for the Racing Team.


After a solid qualifying where Pascal made the 2nd fastest lap (behind Neil Charlton), he went for a very consistant 100 laps race and finished on the higher step of the podium... in front of Robert Fleurke, who was his major challenger.

Classic GT Cars Presentation



Classic GT cars presentation


The legendary spirit of the 60s and 70s arrived to Virtual-Games.
With the introduction of the new GTL game some of the most important leagues started to create some retro championships featuring all the legends of classic car racing.

The Racing Team started the participation on the Comet Series Season S driving with two Ford Mustangs and two Chevrolet Corvettes. Drivers participating are Roland Ehnström and Mickael Taloc as main drivers, featuring Joćo Vaz and Philipp Hildebrandt as backup ones.




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Live Broadcast tomorrow - ESCORS Alienware 300 Race (California Speedway)




The second race of 2006 ESCORS Ballracing Cup Series will be held next day 25, Saturday, at 14:00 CET / 8:00 EST.


This event is scheduled to be broadcasted live. To watch the race you just have to access the SimRacing Network website and click on "Broadcast"... then you have to click on the button present there and the SRNtv will start.

2006 NASCAR car presentation



The new NASCAR car is here!


With the return of our team to the major NASCAR competitions, the day has come to present you the new NASCAR Chevrolet.


Always following the paint scheme used inside the team and particularly in 2004, the new rides are already in the hands of Pascal Dukers, Michel Berk and Phil Hildebrandt for exhaustive testings but also real competition since ESCORS season opener was held last weekend at Daytona. 


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Saleen and Ferrari 360 Modena cars presentation



Two new power GT cars are ready in our Cars section.


Getting out from the Virtual-Games factory we want to present you the Saleen S7-R and the Ferrari 360 Modena... Both cars were developed at the end of 2005 and one of them (the Ferrari) is already in action at the bSkilled GTR championship (previous SRP-GTR) driven by Hugo Penafort and César Mendes, two of our team's new drivers.


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