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General profile


My name is César Mendes and I am 24 years old. I'm from Santarém, Portugal. I love motorsports, computers and technology and... of course, going out with my friends. I have raced for 2 years in a private karting championship until I had to give up due to some problems. So I  took some vacations for a while.


I am always in the pc, working or playing... it's my hobby!! :-)

Currently I study Computer Engineering in Évora so, computers, gaming and motorsports have always been in my heart.






 Team position


Currently I am racing GTR in the NGT class where I try to get my position on a Portuguese Championship called SimRacing Portugal (SRP-GTR).


Sim Racing Portfolio


I play motor racing games since I had my first computer. My favorite games are all F1 games, especially GP4, F1 2002 and F1 Chanlenge 99-02... GTR (of course), GT Legends, Live for Speed, Need for Speed, and NASCAR.

I never played online until Rogério Barroso and Pedro Miguel talked to me, on an lanparty in Évora, and invited me to be part of Racing Team. I hope that I can give everything that I got (in driving) to this team and all my friendship to them.





Since I joined Virtual-Games that everybody is treating me very well. Seeing this, I only can say that I love this team and can consider every team member like a friend. Can I ask for more than being part of a great team that has excellent drivers willing to help??? I think not!!  :-)


I love to race and I love to drive karts, but I never thought that it could be so much in a Sim championship and in a Simulation game? There is a lot I still have to learn but I think I'm in the best place to do it? THE VIRTUAL-GAMES TEAM!!! 

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