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Based on our lema "Real vs Virtual", our mission is trying to use virtual worlds on sport competitions with computer games, organizing virtual championships representing real life ones, and then having finalists using our simulators on large public places and sponsored by companies.


On a medium to long term, we expect to develop and help developing virtual championships around the world, using computer game simulators and running through the internet for qualification stages, but having competition day and place, on same area than real competitions, like F1, Rally or Golf competitions and using our real size simulators.


On a long term, our dream is to build a real champion, beggining in virtual world and simulators, and then helping him or her, to train, find sponsors and clim all steps needed in real life, to achieve top place on a particular sport.


Time will come, when tests would be made mainly through simulators, as also as learning tracks, stages, courses, etc, risk will disapear, and costs will be reduced.


SimRacing world will definetly help this sort of development and is an excelent promotional channel for enterprise market and a new communication form.



Luis Giraldes

Virtual-Games Racing Team Owner

Virtual-Games CEO

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