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Name: Nuno Espadinha
Age: 35 (23/11/1973)
Current Address: Lisbon, Portugal
Occupation: Virtual Operations Technician @
Staus: Married & 2 Kids!
Hobbies: Designing, Modeling & Heavy Music
The Fastest Real Car ever tried: Porsche 911 Targa




Nuno Espadinha started to Edit Games Graphics in the past year of 2000.
His first work was making his own helmet to put in Grand Prix 3. The reactions in the Forums were so good that soon he was starting to make Helmets on request.
In his own site, he had all of them since the beginning, totalling around 60, and a guestbook signed by hundreds of people from all over the world.

With all this involvement he is a Forum Moderator at Alphaf1, one of the most famous F1 and GPx sites in the world, and he is the administrator of the Helmet Design Home Team, a place where you can find many helmet designs for racing games. All this history helped him to had close contact with some of the biggest designers and graphical editors in the SimRacing world as Ralph Hummerich, F1Racer, Jouko Saarinen and Olivier Grand, just to name a few.


He was first contacted by Paulo Jorge, from the Floyd Speed Racing Team (2002 Junior Team) for being in charge of all graphic designs related with the Team for that season and the upcoming ones and, as he accepted, soon was contacted by Rogério Barroso and nominated Team Design Director.


Inside the team and Company, he feels that he is always improving as a Designer: I hardly find time these days to make requested helmets, but I still paint them? Inside this Company I have new graphical challenges every day from our Real Events (for which I design car schemes also) to our Team, new Gaming Simulations and Leagues we get in, I'm always learning new styles of designing and new games to edit.

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