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The Virtual-Games Racing Team was created back in year 2000, with main purpose to establish a connection between two main business areas of Virtual-Games enterprise: virtual and real world.


Based on Virtual-Games lema, "Real vs Virtual", which means trying to bring to virtual worlds main mass sport disciplines, we have decided to approache internet players, competitions, ending up with a Team among the sim racers.


Our first announcement was made when we have joined first professional worldwide F1 virtual champonship, in GP3GL championship, where only 11 Teams were allowed to race, with 22 world top drivers.


Our main purpose, besides helping to develop sim racing, is to be in touch with best competitions worldwide, trying to learn and then transport it to general public through our enterprise customers, who can sponsor these events, and have their image and investment return.


Today, we race on several Leagues worldwide, all through the internet, and we do it always with same care: fun, team work, respect by others, and of course, trying to win everything we can, depending on our prĂ©-season prĂ©-established objectives.


"It's an honour, to become part of this family, with a special word to our Team members, spending so much of their free time, looking for best results and a few miliseconds... less! I am proud also, for good environment we have between our Team, with a special word for who's in charge: our Team Manager Rogério Barroso!"


Luis Giraldes

Virtual-Games Racing Team Owner

Virtual-Games CEO

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